Cory-Ann Joseph

"First up - I don't like the gym... I'd even go as far to say I despise it! It's a massive credit then to Rafa that I have shown up week after week for the bulk of a year, and possibly even enjoyed it ;-) I don't think I've ever done the same routine two weeks running, I've never touched a gym machine, and he has always adjusted my program to suit my injuries (I had surgery on my knee last year, and a long history of lower back problems.) Ultimately his patient approach has allowed me to finally get pain-free after years of issues, and there's no way I could have done that alone. If you are after variety, a totally personalised approach, and an all-round awesome PT - Rafa is your guy!"

Ellen Dooley

"Being a PT myself I am very particular about who I take advice from, but the changes I have seen in myself since training with Rafa put to rest any doubt I had. Over the last 6 months I've become stronger, I move more freely and have a greater awareness of my body. But the best part about training with Rafa is that he works with where I am at that day. If I'm feeling off he will work with me in a way that still challenges me without exhausting me. If I'm feeling great he will push me a bit harder. However I turn up I know I'm going to leave feeling better than before I began."

Mathew Woodhouse

"I had only started to work with Raf when I noticed significant change within 5 days of doing exactly what he asked. I was experiencing breathing difficulties and general discomfort in my body due to years of detrimental training styles and poor daily activities. Raf’s attention to detail and his commitment to his clients and work are to be commended and it shows in his results. Cannot speak highly enough of him and would advise anyone to make time to book in!"

Ani Møller

"I have had chronic lifelong pain from hypermobility and the related health issues with being autistic. I also slipped a disc in 2008 that had been severely impacting the quality of my life. When I started seeing Rafa in 2018, I was exploring surgical options with a number of specialists, but no one could find the cause of my pain and they wanted to try experimental surgeries on me that I was not keen to do. Rafa was a last ditch attempt to not go under the knife. When I first saw him, I couldn’t stand for longer than 10 minutes, and sitting and lying down was also painful. He knew immediately that my issues were muscular and not nerve or disc like my specialists had told me. Being hypermobile means I needed a very specific type of treatment that to date no physio, chiro, doctor, osteo, back pain specialist or personal trainer has ever been able to help me with. The work I do with Rafa is largely based on mobility and improving my posture, with a focus on releasing overworked muscles and activations to get underworked muscles to start working again. After six months, I experienced a huge improvement in my posture and, more generally, my quality of life. No one has ever been able to do that before. I still see Rafa as my condition is lifelong but the quality of my life in 2021 is remarkably better than in 2018. I can ride a bike, go for a long walk, and even go running again. Yes, I’ll probably still have pain afterwards due to my chronic condition, but Rafa has given me the tools to manage my pain episodes to the point that I very rarely need to see a physio or massage therapist anymore. The thing I love about working with Rafa is that he explains everything so thoroughly and clearly, and he’s very kind and considerate. I’ve often felt rushed or even embarrassed working with trainers before but I never feel like that with Rafa. If you have chronic pain, hypermobility, autism, or just generally want better posture and control of your body I would recommend Rafa. He’s kind of a miracle worker (and I’m not exaggerating here)."


All before and after photos are taken from a relaxed standing position without cues.
Face to face client
11 months progression
Improved spine and hip alignment
Reduced lower back compression
Reduced rib cage compression
Improved movement quality and muscular symmetry
Angus posterior - 2021 01 26.HEIC
Angus posterior - 2021 12 15.HEIC
Face to face client
10 months progression
Reduced hip and lower back pain
Can run with minimal discomfort
Improved spine and hip alignment
Reduced lower back compression
Kerrie posterior - 2021 02 19.HEIC
Kerrie posterior - 2021 12 17.HEIC
Virtual client
6 months progression
Eliminated chronic lower back pain
Improved performance and energy levels
Reduced rib cage compression
Improved back muscles engagement
Regan posterior - 2021 06 16.JPG
Regan posterior - 2021 12 16.JPG
Virtual client
3 months progression
Spine decompression - standing 2,5cm taller!
Improved athletic performance - running and CrossFit
Increased muscle balance and coordination
Increased energy levels
Kara posterior - 2021 09 03.JPG
Kara posterior - 2021 12 15.HEIC