The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

The Remedial Strength Training program applies Functional Patterns methods with a primary focus on the big four evolutionary human movements - standing on two feet, walking, running and throwing. I believe this to be the blue print to build a strong base of movement and health by respecting the natural evolution of our species, allowing for greater balance within our structure improving overall physical and mental health by addressing your posture and reducing joint compression, stiffness and pain, resulting in increased performance and energy levels in all aspects of your life.

Postural Correction

Eliminate Joint Pain and Stiffness

Improve Sleep Quality

Boost Energy Levels

"With remedial strength training I have seen success in improving various movement, posture and injury problems. This personalized training is uniquely focused on body care and injury recovery at any age. My clients have also experienced an increase in body awareness which brings about amazing results. In my professional practice I encourage people to increase their capacity for transformation through movement".

- Rafa Caetano




My personal goal is to teach you how to move with intention, power and elegance. I want you to grow confident and resilient to tackle any challenges life may throw your way, using exercise as a mean to empower yourself, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

I am a Brazilian born Australian​ with a passion for human mechanics which has led me to study and train a variety of martial arts, Yoga, circus arts, gymnastics and weight lifting. Applying all this knowledge to train people of all ages over three continents, has granted me great understanding of the human body and how to adapt training for your specifics needs and personal barriers.


On the third year of my Bachelor's degree in Physical Education I moved to Australia, since then I have completed several Australian recognized qualifications including a Certificate IV in Fitness and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment which has led me to become a teacher for the largest fitness education company in Australia.​

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness - Australian Fitness Academy

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - CBD College

  • Human Foundations Practitioner - Functional Patterns

  • Master Functional Trainer - Functional Training Institute

  • Personalised Health Coach - ph360 

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